Men`s Counselling Program

The mandate for the Men’s Counselling Program (previously operated by SOVAS)  is to assist men who have experienced abuse and/or trauma at some point in their lives to understand and recover from its effects. This abuse may have occurred early in life within their family of origin, or later in life in their adult relationships. Either way, we understand that abuse can have profound effects that impact day to day functioning and we are here to help.

If you or someone you know has suffered from abuse or trauma, our Men’s Counselling Program is now accepting referrals. You can either self-refer by calling us) or you can be referred through another service provider or community agency. Staff will assist you in filling out the intake forms at which point the counsellor will call you to set up an appointment for counselling.

RISE Program

R.I.S.E-Releasing and Integrating Strong Emotions

The objective for the RISE Program (operated in partnership with Pathways Addiction Resource Centre) is to assist men who have difficulty dealing with strong emotions, who experience rage, who feel overwhelmed by emotion, and who want to release and transform these negative emotions into a positive force in their lives.

This program is FREE and anyone can self-refer. It is in a small group setting with 2 experienced facilitators who will explore with the participants why these feelings are rising up and how they can best use them as positive tools in their lives.

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