Here at the Access Centre, we offer FREE tax filing help and we are currently gearing up for this upcoming tax season. Though Revenue Canada is closed for E-filing this month, starting March 2nd and through March and April we will be in full force tax filing mode!

Before the start of this busy tax season, let’s take a look at what this amazing (100% volunteer run) team has accomplished:

In 2019, we helped 1289 people file their taxes. Some come in with multiple years to file, and we filed a total of 1592 years worth of taxes! 

Much of that happened between March 1 and April 30 2019. During that time, we filed 1205 years of taxes for 1057 clients.

Many of our clients find they cannot get certain services/benefits if their taxes aren’t up to date. This is often just a first step on the road to helping our clients thrive.

Thanks to our wonderful tax volunteers for making a real and tangible difference in the lives of so many in this community!