We give those in need a voice:

At some point in our lives, most of us will need the support of someone we trust to help us speak up for ourselves. It becomes especially relevant when people are experiencing severe challenges but feel they have no family, friends or anyone in the wider community to whom they can turn to for support.

We work together with people facing a variety of poverty-related issues to come up with ways to address the situations they face. We problem-solve hand in hand with the client.

Sometimes, we can make a referral to another agency with more in-depth knowledge of a particular issue or problem. Other times, we accompany clients to appointments to help strengthen their voice. Or we may just need to listen, to help the client feel heard and then direct them to existing resources in our community.

Our outreach workers are also on the front lines in our community continuing to advocate for the needs of our clients through their participation in organizations such as the Food Bank, Food Security committees and the local Chambers of Commerce.

Access’ Legal advocacy Program

  • Instructs clients on legal rights and provides advocacy and in some cases representation at hearings.
  • Issues we support include, among other things:
    • Financial – consumer debt, collection agencies
    • Guidance on landlord/tenant issues
    • Employment– Employment standards, human rights and employment insurance
    • Family – family law and related court practices, legal aid, child protection
    • Living – residential tenancy issues

Our services are confidential, with the exception of reports of abuse or neglect and threats of acts of violence.