About Us

We are the Penticton & Area Access Society (PAAS), a registered non-profit organization dedicated to advocacy, resource and referral programs and outreach programs.

Our goal is to help create a community that values women and men equally, offers them support, and encourages them to live to their full potential. To achieve this, we offer a number of different services.

We are first of all a resource centre for those seeking information about their community. The information we offer is on a wide variety of topics of interest, ranging from housing concerns to childcare to volunteer opportunities to employment resources, and more.

Many people who come to us seeking information are in difficult situations. For those in crisis, the centre offers a place to be welcomed and heard, and we ensure that such people receive information on where to turn for solutions.

PAAS takes a leadership role in our community by identifying gaps in services and offering solutions to meet those shortcomings. A number of new programs in Penticton have been initiated by PAAS to meet specific needs as they arise.

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