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Success Story: Poverty Law Program

Written by Keleah Strack – Poverty Law Advocate “We had a family who was served a 2-month eviction notice for landlord use of property. The landlord claimed that she needed the tenants to vacate because she wanted to move into the tenant’s rental property. The family scrambled to find a new place, put their belongings […]

Finding My Way in an Ableist Profession

Thanks to Disability Alliance Blog for this article: Finding My Way in an Ableist Profession by Salina Dewar   As an aspiring lawyer, my first hint of what lay ahead of me came at age 13. When I told classmates and teachers I wanted to be a lawyer to help people, almost all of them […]

New Increases for Shelter Rates

Thanks to Disability Alliance Blog for this information: The BC Budget for the 2023/2024 fiscal year was announced at the legislative assembly in Victoria on February 28, 2023. The Budget revealed that there would be an increase to the shelter rate for people on income assistance and disability assistance; an increase that has been long […]

Social Service or Survival?

By Keisha McLean, COMMUNITY ADVOCATE: Disability, Resource, Referral, Vulnerable Adult Outreach & Support     The Black Panther Party, during the Civil Rights Movement, coined the term “Survival Programs Pending the Revolution.” They recognized that what others may consider social service, are efforts that would not be needed should government and community systems work to […]

Overcoming barriers and improving access

A view of the Penticton and Area Access Centre’s offices For those in our communities who experience physical, social or economic barriers, accessing life-changing services can be a confusing and daunting task. The Penticton and Area Access Centre is working hard to change that, using the principles of action, awareness, advocacy and equity to help […]

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Op-ed: Discrimination within the Canada Workers Benefit

By Alexandria Johnstone, Legal Community Impact Intern & Community Advocate: Resource, Referral, Youth Outreach, Disability & Poverty Law Advocacy   While the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) has benefited some Canadians since its implementation, some individuals still qualify but cannot claim it due to its harmful effects. Indirect and direct discrimination against marginalized groups can be […]

Access Centre Success Story: Ted

TED*’S STORY: One of the supports that poverty advocates provide is helping people connect to money they’re entitled to. It might not be a lot and it might be a one-time payment but if it means there’s more than there used to be, then it’s worth looking for. A lot of people we meet don’t […]

Credit/Rebate updates

The Provincial government recently made several announcements about new rebates/credits and changes to some types of assistance: Assistance Extended for Ukrainians coming to British Columbia Financial assistance through the B.C. Hardship Assistance program for individuals arriving in British Columbia under the federal Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) process has been extended from six months to 12 months. For […]

Human Rights vs. BC’s Mental Health Act

This is a great article from Disability Alliance’s Transition Magazine. transitionfallwinter22.pdf (disabilityalliancebc.org) Credit goes to KENDRA MILNE Mental health advocates in BC have been sounding the alarm for decades: our Mental Health Act is one of the most archaic and discriminatory pieces of our ableist health care system. Ableism plays out in mental health law and […]