Disability Advocacy

Coming to terms with a disability is difficult. Furthermore, filling out forms can seem overwhelming.

Our on-site Disability Advocates are able to assess and provide support for those applying for Income Assistance, Disability Assistance (PPMB and PWD) and/or Canadian Pension Plan Disability.

At The Access Centre we assist, inform, and make referrals to help individuals living with disabilities in our community. We aim to assist them in moving forward with their lives. Not only that, we connect those needing help with those agencies and supports in the community that provide help.

The Access Centre connects people in our community with the support, services and resources they need to move their lives forward.

Income Assistance

We have in office ministry workers who are here on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons to assist those without access to a computer or need extra assistance in the application process.

Simply give our office a call to book an appointment.

Disability Status

We can assist clients who are applying for disability status in filling out the application.

Not only that, we also assist with going over the benefits they are entitled to once their application is approved.

If the PWD application is denied, we have a legal advocate who will review the file and will assist if there are reasonable grounds for a request for reconsideration and/or the appeal.

Canadian Pension Plan

We provide assistance with the multiple forms that are required. Moreover, once a PWD is approved; clients with a work history will be required to apply for CPP-D. We can help with that too.

Medical & Personal

We can help clients to connect with mental health, addiction resources and traumatic brain injury to supports in the community. We can also connect you to other community agencies that may be able to provide assistance.

Helping those in Need…

If you know someone who is in need of assistance and struggling with an issues that affects their quality of life and those they love then please call us.

We can help the members of our community who are impoverished, disadvantaged and at risk through advocacy, assistance and outreach.

Get in touch now for assistance with Disability Advocacy

Call us for help at 250 – 493 – 6822 or you can send us an email and we will get back to you to book an appointment.