Tax Assistance: Community Volunteer Tax Program

The CVITP free income tax program is a volunteer run tax centre to help low-income people complete their taxes for free in a supportive environment. We are looking for generous donors to contribute to our tax program as it is consistently underfunded. For many in need, getting taxes completed is the first step to accessing the government supports that they are eligible for.

This program financially empowers our community’s most vulnerable. Once people complete their taxes, they can access benefits and rebates that they are eligible for. Benefits such as: child tax credit, GST rebates, GIS, CPP, and others can all be claimed once taxes are complete and are a huge relief for many of the people we serve. They then spend the money in the local community. This program has brought millions of federal dollars into the local economy over the years.

Doing taxes can be overwhelming for anyone, and none more than for our community’s low income and multi-barriered residents. The people we support benefit from completing their taxes, getting financial benefits that they are entitled to, and having a sense of belonging.

In 2022 we served 1075 clients and filed 1313 returns.

Each year we bring over 1 million dollars in returns alone into our community. This money goes directly into the pockets of those who need it most. Studies show that low-income individuals tend to do the majority of their spending in their home communities, demonstrating the economic impact of this program. This CVITP service not only helps return money to low income people, but it also supports the economic vitality of the community as a whole by bringing large amounts of federal dollars into the community.


Adding together returns, GST, Child tax credits, GIS, etc for 2021, our tax program brought in a total of $1,569,127.16

As one volunteer said, “I never knew how well off I really was until I worked here.  I have a much greater empathy for people living in poverty”

Free Tax Return Filings (and E-Filing)

We can help with Preparation and E-filing of your Personal Income Tax Returns for the last 4 years, as well as prepare any taxes over 4 years old for you to paper file (by mail) to the CRA.

Why Do Your Income Tax?

Income Tax Returns Not Done? Then You Won’t Get:

  • GST, BC Low Income Tax Credit or BC Sales Tax Credit
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
  • Old Age Security (OAS)
  • Canada Child Benefits (CCB)
  • Universal Child Care Benefits (If eligible, only prior years)
  • BC Early Childhood Tax Benefit (If eligible)
  • Disability Tax Credit (DTCC) (If eligible)
  • Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB)
  • Social Assistance (Welfare) – T5007
  • Person With Disability Pension (PWD) – T5007
  • MSP Premium Assistance (If eligible)
  • Fair Pharamacare (If eligible)

Eligibility Criteria

Simple Returns for:

  • 1 person…. income up to $35,000
  • 2 people…. income up to $45,000
  • 3 people…. income up to $47,500
  • Each additional Dependant….$2,500

Unable to Process Taxes for: 

  • Deceased persons
  • Bankruptcy
  • Self-Employment
  • Interest income over $1,000
  • Capital Gains or Losses
  • Employment Expenses
  • Business or Rental Income and Expenses
  • Sale of Property

Get in touch now to receive tax assistance

Call us for help at 250 – 493 – 6822 or you can send us an email and we will get back to you to book an appointment.