A person who we serve (PWS) came to Access as a drop-in in June 2021 with a large list of barriers and needs. Housing insecurity, language barriers, food insecurity, tenancy issues, legal concerns; without knowing the level of support they were on, or how to navigate complicated systems.

This individual had active suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, and persistent untreated psychosis.

Over the months, this PWS became beloved by the staff at Access. Everyone has a story of them rambling on about some scenario, requesting tea with 5 sugars, or sifting through the donations to find the perfect look. Someone who was perceived as incredibly volatile, violent and high risk, found safety and unconditional care through our advocates and admin team.

We spent months trying to break down barriers and get this PWS connected, with a series of small wins over a long period of time. Finally, they were ready to engage in the PWD process.

Through a frequent and intensive collaboration with their new language appropriate Case Manager, their new culturally appropriate doctor and the Access Advocate, the PWS was finally able to get their needs adequately met by being entered into a culturally appropriate treatment facility and getting on PWD. Over the course of a year, and with persistent loving care, this person is thriving in their mental health recovery and sobriety with PWD benefits and financial support, so they are able to focus on their wellness.