Navigating Life with Access & Advocacy

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

In a world that seems divided by disparities, it’s so important that we find ways to bridge the gap and empower those facing the most challenging circumstances. The Access Centre is not just a charity; it’s a community that strives to uplift the lives of people battling poverty, disabilities, chronic pain, and various struggles.

I, Brandi, the Executive director at the Penticton Access Centre want to share with you our purpose and impact in the hope that you would like to be a part of our community.

They say tough times don’t last, tough people do and we believe having access to the right resources and having faith that someone supports your cause goes a long way to support these tough ones.

At the Access Centre we have Survival Strategies for Every Struggle and I would like to highlight some key tenets.

Inclusive Survival Strategies:

Acknowledge and develop situation relevant path to support the people in need. At the Access Centre our team and volunteers are trained to be empathetic and knowledgeable to work on survival strategies that resonate with the challenges faced by people with disabilities, seniors on small pensions, those coping with substance use, and folks living in poverty. Rather than generic advice, we delve into practical, inclusive solutions that acknowledge the unique circumstances of these people.

Building a Supportive Community:

The power of community is vast! Coming together, sharing experiences, and supporting one another creates a resilient network that helps individuals facing chronic pain, mental health crisis, and other challenges. Feeling the sense of belonging and knowing that the community has my back builds confidence in the people we work with.

Accessible Resources for All:

Accessibility is key. Whether it’s healthcare, education, or income, ensuring access to essential resources can significantly impact the lives of those struggling in poverty and with various disabilities. While some of the services are available as a right it is navigating the processes sometimes is the biggest deterrent to getting access to resources.

Inspiring the More Fortunate:

It’s important to help those with better life circumstances understand their privilege. We explore the concept of privilege and recognize it can be a catalyst for empathy and meaningful action. We aim to support the people we work with and lift them up and inspire them on the path so they can emulate their journey for others to follow. Personal stories are powerful! By sharing success stories of individuals who have overcome adversity with our support, we aim to inspire others to contribute to our work, knowing that their efforts can make a tangible difference.

Fostering a Culture of Giving:

Cultivating a sense of responsibility towards the less fortunate is a noble endeavor. Even small contributions, whether monetary or through volunteering time and skills, can collectively create a positive impact. We are a community of volunteers that enable us to build advocacy to the causes that matter.


Our work is not just about helping with forms and applications; it’s about building a community that stands together in the face of adversity. Through practical survival strategies, inclusive support, and inspiring empathy, we have the opportunity to create lasting change.

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Thank you,

Brandi Beckett
Executive Director
The Penticton & Area Access Centre