Tenant & Landlord Issues

The Law Advocates at The Access Centre can help you navigate the law to properly handle landlord and tenant issues and disputes.

The Access Centre connects people in our community with the support, services and resources they need to move their lives forward.

We can assist with the following Landlord and Tenant Issues:

Eviction Notice

Do you have a wrongful eviction notice? Call our law advocate. We can help.

Right to quiet enjoyment

You have a right to quiet enjoyment as a renter. We can help you if you are having trouble with a rental/landlord situation

Overdue Rent

We can help you with overdue rent problems.

Dispute Representation

We can help you with rental disputes.

Helping those in Need With Tenant and Landlord Issues…

If you know someone who is in need of assistance and struggling with an issues that affects their quality of life and those they love then please call us. We can help the impoverished, disadvantaged and at risk members of our community through advocacy, assistance and outreach.

Get in touch now to receive assistance on Landlord and Tenant Issues

Whether you’ve been wrongfully evicted, struggling to meet your rent, or dealing with excessive noise at your rental, we can help with your Landlord and Tenant Issues with our Law Advocate Volunteers.

Call us for help at 250-493-6822 or you can send us an email and we will get back to you to book an appointment.